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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go back to the default theme?

The ipks you download from this site (and access through the PreWare) app contain backup scripts that should back up your existing theme on install. Following this, you should only need to uninstall the theme to return to normal.

Should this fail, or should you already have a themed Pre before you install any of the themes from this site, you have 3 options:

  • Use WebOS Doctor to completely restore your phone
  • Extract the theme files needed from WebOS Doctor to only restore the images (Advanced)
  • Use a default ipk to restore your phone (use WebOS Quick Install to install)

Why should I uninstall a theme before installing a new one?

Not all themes replace all images. If you were to install Theme B, which doesn't theme the dialer, over Theme A, which DID theme the dialer, without first removing Theme A, the result would be Theme B with Theme A's dialer.

To avoid issues like these, you should always uninstall a theme before installing a new one.

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