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Added: 10/14/2009
Version: 1.0.7
Category: Abstract
Author: wmdtekt
Downloads: 1,222

Author's Notes

eXPRESS yourself!


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  • PreThemer
    Great start. I think more icons are needed, and as far as current icons, perhaps put a white square (with a black stroke) as the background for the text on the icons. Would make it easier to read and look much cleaner IMO
  • Holley2583
    I woulnt post any ideas for the "eXPRESS" yourself creator or you may get an email stating: "Leave me alone, sent from my iPhone", real classy...
  • wmdtekt
    actually the jealous gf sent that message, and it was sent from an ipod touch, yes they were available before palms webOS.

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