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Zodiac Pre

Added: 04/15/2010
Version: 1.0.9
Category: Cultural
Author: vel7wil
Downloads: 681

Author's Notes

Zodiac Signs.....just something I wanted to play around with a little....Enjoy !!!!
Battery and Bluetooth icon are changed to Zodiac symbols that change with activactions
Different Zodiac wallpapers are available in the wallpaper section
Chat bubbles by god of war theme
4/15/10 had to do a few tweaks
4/17/10 changes to the notifications,calender (changes color every 5 days now) and top bar icons
4/18/10 main screen resized,,some notifications changed


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  • vel7wil
    Alot of the updates for 4/17 arent showing correctly right now....
  • vel7wil
    Should be corrected now

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