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Touch Pre V1

Added: 09/19/2009
Version: 2.8.0
Category: Abstract
Author: fritos1406
Downloads: 8,782

Author's Notes

Just Another Awesome Theme!

-updated some images on the phone app
-messaging app
-new boot logo :)
-some small things have been changed and some new added
-phone app updated
-messaging a bit
-few bit more images added
-calculator app..used nights but will change later on.
-calculator changed a bit
-messaging app changed a bit


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  • loljedijoe
    Wow Love the Dialer. Good job!
  • fritos1406
    thanks future updates i will fix how everything looks..this was just a quick to see howd it turn out :)
  • PreThemer
    I should do a preview generator in the backend so you guys can see bits of it before setting it live
  • fritos1406
    yeah that would be a great idea lol
  • fritos1406
    awesome this theme has been out a day and so many downloads coming in :)
  • Kyusaku
    This is a really extensive theme. I hope other theme makers take a chime from you and do as detailed of a theme as you have done with this.
  • Weeton
    very nice
  • JaimeMex
    One of the best themes i've seen on the pre...Keep makeing themes and keep up the good work.
  • miguelchin36
    One of my favorite themes I love the glossy simple black icons not so much a fan of the purple lock and phone on the dial pad but other then that this theme is pretty sick!
  • tymonster
    i cant remove this theme after i installed it, is anyone else having that problem?
  • garfima2112
    What has been updated?

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