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Suave for the Palm Pre

Added: 05/08/2010
Version: 1.8.1
Category: Abstract
Author: Prince_Basil
Downloads: 10,453

Author's Notes


I have put together the very nice & smooth Suave theme for Palm Pre & Palm Pixi. I hope you guys like it. I worked really hard & it's definitely not complete. All credit goes to the original creator of the Suave theme, Thyraz, all the other creators who helped with making the theme. Check out their version:
Thanks to everyone who has helped with making this theme amazing! I appreciate it and thanks for all the images!

The forum thread for this theme is:

Patches that will make the look of the theme look a bit better:
Scrim Messaging - v.1.4.1-1 by mracer29
Scrim Email - v.1.4.1-1 by mracer29
Scrim Contact - v.1.4.1-1 by mracer29
Any Icon Resizing Patch (4x3, 4x4, 5x4, 5x5)


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  • zeus_hunt
    Very Nice. Just one thing.. The Phone Dialer is Grey with No transparency... I believe it can be improved. Overall Nice Job Prince.
  • Prince_Basil
    Thanks! Please, if you can make a better dialer, email me your version and I'll see if it matches and then add it or modify it a little and then add. I don't mind. I want to make this your guy's theme! :)
  • adamrefan
    This theme is one of favorites! Thank you for all the effort you put into it!! Do you think you could make a version with rounded corners instead of the squared ones?
  • Neoka
    Really loving it, only thing I could think of improving would be a custom "Glow" effect when apps are opening, and a custom "tap" effect.
  • Neoka
    Also, I like the Starry background, but comparing the wall-paper one to the Web background one, the web's looks really...blurry/stretched...
  • Prince_Basil
    This new update changed the browser background to a patterned one. And it fits better. Now for the glowing & the tap effect, I don't know what you might have in mind. What were you thinking of?
  • Neoka
    NOOOOOOOOO! D: What have you done to the lock screen! That was one of my favorite parts in this theme :(
  • Prince_Basil
    I think I fixed it. I added a file that didn't go in the right spot and when I tried to delete it, it wouldn't erase. So... I had to erase everything off the files and then add them all back up again. I must have forgotten the Lock Screen but its back up. I hope it looks great. Sorry for the error! Haha.
  • Neoka
    Yayyy thanks :D Anyways, for the glow and tap effect, I didn't really have anything thought of, anything will work...I just don't care for the default xD
  • Neoka
    also, would It be possible to use different battery icons, the ones now are really weird, it looks like the battery is at like, 20% when it's at 50% :/
  • Neoka
    Yay thanks! :D Also, just for change, could you maybe change the lock screen to this one really quick, I think it "may" look better notifications wise, so that black "Trim" isn't around it -
  • Neoka
    Also, it seems my "restart" button has been replaced to the default after I just updated, D:
  • Neoka
    sowwy for all the comments xD but it seems the "Battery Charging" icon isn't there, when I plug it in, it doesn't have the little lighting bolt over it indicating it's charging :O
  • Prince_Basil
    Okay, as far as the battery icons, I changed them to match the rest of the top bar icons, now when the phone is 100% charged it will show a full battery with no lightening bolt. Anything else will have a lightening bolt. The screen lock is now transparent so when you set your wallpaper to whatever, the background of the lock screen will change to that. It will still have the 'glass' look around the lock & the clock. But as far as the background of that will be whatever your wallpaper is. The restart button was erased by mistake. I uploaded it again in the newest version. You don't have to apologize for your comments because I'm glad you find things wrong & tell me. I love knowing what's missing or wrong so I could fix it. So... THANKS!!! Haha.
  • Neoka
    Yay! And as for the tap and card glow effects, maybe they be a could be a neon red ring kinda like this theme except red :P
  • jlcamp7
    I have never posted once here on the theme website, but this theme is so nice and so well done, that I just had to come on here and say thanks Prince_Basil. This is a beautiful theme and I love the fact that with every update it just gets better and better. I know this took a lot of hard work, so thanks for making what I think is the best theme out there!
  • Neoka
    Yay you fixed it! Thanks :D
  • Neoka
    Also, if you could switch the lock screen back to the default pic, I just wanted to test something, I think the default pic you used looked a lot, "prettier" xD

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