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Stickers! [WIP]

Added: 12/13/2009
Version: 1.0.7
Category: Misc
Author: veritas06
Downloads: 1,432

Author's Notes

Icons from

New U Elements.


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  • PreThemer
    I like this theme, but the font in the wallpaper just doesn't match
  • soker78
    man super super bad ass theme this is the only one that has really changed pretty much every icon there is to change in the phone .. i rate it a 5 only thing is if you change the stock dial pad color and the color in text messages those two small changes would be great addition to the theme but regardless im rocking this theme for good great job>>>.
  • doc10house
    Fantastic. LOVE the boot screen, and how it cycles through purple on the way from red to blue. Brilliant.
  • GrillSgt
    Glad you got something good out of those links I posted. I like what you've done with this theme, especially after changing the wallpaper.
  • doc10house
    Just needs a cool phone skin.
  • veritas06
    I'll definitely work on a dialer after I get finished with finals. & thanks for those links GrillSgt
  • doc31
    @veritas I was making this theme also for my sticker 2.0 but i made some icons for wifi and signal etc pm if you want me to send them over.

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