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Star Wars Tux Red

Added: 11/06/2009
Version: 1.0.2
Category: Cartoons
Author: dragbug
Downloads: 1,617

Author's Notes

Star Wars Tux in Red!

1.0.1 = tweaking the battery icons.

1.0.2 = Updated phone app for 1.3.1 update

A number of people have requested a link to donate. I enjoy making themes but if people want to donate, there is now a link.

Thanks to Gadgetfreak from for the battery icons.
Inspiration originally was based off nights0223 Original Blue Theme.
All other icons and such were originally found on Google with a few modified by me for these themes.

Hope you enjoy!


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  • dragbug
    I do appreciate those that take the time to download and rate me but if you are going to start rating low, at least give me the decency to explain why so that I may be able to change or fix things.
  • OldSkoolVWLover
    Love the theme, can't wait to show my iPhone and star wars loving buddy, he's already jealous of the build in Nav and ease of patching with the Pre.
  • RayanMX
    The Star Wars Tux series are great themes except for the icons, I rather use the default icons than modified ones. Great job.

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