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Space Ace

Added: 10/11/2009
Version: 1.0.2
Category: Sci-Fi
Author: kpatel72
Downloads: 3,115

Author's Notes

v1.0.2- many updates have been made including wave launcher, page indicators, full universal search features, messaging, etc. Please rate and leave any feedback as I am constantly trying to improve this theme..

v1.0.1 - Volume indicator changed, changed lock screen icon and ripples, calender, calculator, messaging and camera apps. Added other new icons.

v1.0.0 - Green and blue space theme. This is my first attmept at a theme, be gentle. Some things were taken from other themes (such as nights neon green, original blue theme) and then edited so credit goes to them too.


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  • PreThemer
    Not bad at all. The square border on the lock screen image kind of ruin it tho :(
  • kpatel72
    PreThemer, thanks for seeing that. I never noticed it before. Made a quick change, its a little better but will keep working on it.

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