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Sepultura Theme

Added: 10/23/2009
Version: 1.0.7
Category: Music
Author: shoryuken666
Downloads: 280

Author's Notes

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A sepultura Based theme, Im learning how to do this theme thing, please be patient.
You can donate whenever you like.

1.0.7 Changed many little things to my favorite color deep purple.

1.0.6 Since Im learning more in autocad, I changed the numbers of the calendar again.

1.0.5 Modified the Email application files, Lock image,some icons.

1.0.4 Changed the phone as promised, please report any weird stuff.

Comment, and Rate

1.0.3 Changed some things, next change, the whole phone will be changed

1.0.2 Updated the Sys manager images.

1.0.1 Emoticones (If someone has some brutal death metal emoticones and is willing to share?)
Some icons Added.


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