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Added: 11/15/2009
Version: 3.2.0
Category: Abstract
Author: sirexilon
Downloads: 10,866

Author's Notes

Donate if you like it.
webOS 1.4.5 Ready
WebOs 1.4.5 Update
Fix Video Icon
New Chat Balloons
- All Apps up to date

Theme is big
1088 Files.
13 Mb
It is almost a full theme.
This is a soft, business like with Pro look Theme.
Is taking me time and a lot of work to come up with the icons and the mirror look for each.
This is a Full Loaded Theme.
Not just some icons and backgrounds. All mayor to medium files have been modified to the color patterns of the Theme. Just some minor files were not modified.
Hope you Enjoy and vote it if you like it. Thanks


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  • chilipepper914
    Well done. One of the most professional themes yet. Look forward to seeing it completed.
  • sirexilon
    Hi there, thanks for the comment. I'm really trying to get it that way. There are so many graphics involved it takes lots of time.
  • garfima2112
    An awesome Theme!!!!!
  • cdbillups
    I must have an overlap of themes because my lock screen doesn't look like the one in the screenshot. Mine has flames at the bottom.
  • sirexilon
    That is the right one. Flames and the Lock that will change from yelowish to light blue when you touch it. For some reason the Themer didn't create it right for the screenshot.
  • cdbillups
    One thing I noticed tonight while on the phone, the keypad is missing the # and * keys. The # key shows an arrow pointing to the left with an X in it.
  • chilipepper914
    great work, check your paypal account....
  • sirexilon
    cdbillups That is the second dialpad or the one you get when you receive a call in. The main dialpad has the icons. The second one changed a bit after 1.3.1. Except the colors the numbers and symbols are the original ones.
  • Trident
    This is my new favorite. Switched from Original Blue. Phone app is a little "fuzzy" for my taste, but still very usable. Great work.
  • swtmelly
    Just donated - very happy with this theme - my favorite so far.
  • frankwhite8536
    This is definitely my favorite. I change my background all the time so I'm not interested in that. The buttons on this are clear and simple and no mask on the quick launch. Icons are great too. I'm trying to find one better or at least as good, but only because my ADD. Any thought of creating custom icons for some of the more popular apps?
  • nohl
    Tons of custom art. That's a huge pain. Nice job :)
  • kuruptlon
    what happened to the Blue Business Class theme that looks a lot like this?
  • sirexilon
    Sorry kuruptlon, but it was the other way around. The other person just copied all my icons even the background of my Theme. THis theme has always been bussiness class oriented.
  • Neoka
    Looks sexeh! Gonna give it a try :D
  • oscmarpre1
  • kridder0
    I love this theme! Great job!
  • volleyfaj
    This is an incredibly sexy theme! The screen shots don't do it justice. Everything just "pops" when on the phone. Excellent work!!
  • mkingmalick27
    This is a great theme man!
  • feilon
    这是个ߎ 1;错的主' 064;,谢谢&# 20998;享

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