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Radiohead Bear

Added: 09/30/2009
Version: 1.1.0
Category: Music
Author: summer_smile
Downloads: 606

Author's Notes

Kind of a work in progress. Theme based on the Radiohead Bear artwork by Donwood and Tchock that was used during the band's Kid A era.

1.0.1 - added padlock icon.
1.1 - added calendar icons, cleaned up boot screen and wallpaper images, created a separate lock screen image so text doesn't compete with clock.

Future updates should include dialer pad and messaging customizations.


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  • summer_smile
    10/2/09 - fixed browser icon (sorry! loaded wrong file) and uploaded messaging icon
  • jasin
    Great work on this theme. Clean and Crisp. Looking forward to any future improvements. Thanks
  • Slow
    hey, i was wondering if you could help me tweek this theme to my likening, ie deleting some of your icons. not sure how to pm you so u can email me,

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