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Pipboy 3000 [WIP]

Added: 10/02/2009
Version: 1.2.5
Category: Video Games
Author: veritas06
Downloads: 5,767

Author's Notes

Attempt to fix the messaging font again.

If everyone is still having the messaging.css problems i'll make a script to restore the default & copy a new one over. The only issue will be keeping that default one after the theme is uninstalled.


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  • diesol
    Great theme
  • n8t3
    can you make the blue and the green and the black letters a little darker
  • n8t3
    on the texting messaging
  • ElPhantasmo
    Most importantly, awesome work. I think the launcher background with the body outline/status display is too busy/eye catching and makes it hard to focus on the icons since it's all green.
  • Ryltar
    This theme is pretty good. I'd give it 4 stars right now. To make it a 5 star theme I'd say there are two major things that need to be done. 1. Message colors need to be fixed. The half fade out on the grey background doesn't work. The colors are too hard to see. Maybe something darker or something completely different. 2. The launcher screen vs the custom icons needs a little more definition. It is a little hard to see what the icons are. Maybe a different or darker color? Not sure what to do. Overall though I love this theme. Great job!
  • Ryltar
    Just a note: I changed my background to a darker image and I can see the launcher screen a lot better.
  • veritas06
    Haven't checked up on this theme in awhile, but i see what needs to be changed. Expect a few minor updates tonight for those issues. As for the Messaging Bubbles -- it interferes with the Avatar Patch, so i'm not sure if i'll put new bubbles in, however it is up to you all. How many use the Avatar Patch?
  • austin4191
    uhh how do i fully remove this theme? When I default the theme, there's still icons and other stuff from this theme still on my Pre.
  • tri0xinn
    This is a fantastic theme.. changed my background to the "please stand by" pipboy screen.. and added the sid philips boogie song from fallout3 ost as my ringtone.. and now the theme is complete.. Thanks!
  • Kamipulu
    Still great theme. I would to put my two cents into cahgning the colors on the text message screen. Really hard to read during the day or outside.
  • eoghain
    Messaging test is still black on my Pixi. I removed and reinstalled just to be sure I was getting everything clean.
  • JuggaloKyro
    black on black messages arent a good idea everything else is great TY :)
  • sportrckr
    In the latest version the text in messaging is really dark, would it be possible to update that to something lighter colored?
  • sholter
    when doing the WebOS repair, the file you want to repair is: /usr/palm/applications/com.pal ssaging.css otherwise the utility won't find the file
  • sportrckr
    Thanks sholter, that worked for me!
  • sportrckr
    Ok, so I could restore the specific file but the messaging text is still the same as before after following the directions.
  • sholter
    when I reinstall the theme, it still fails on the messaging.css, and moves it to messaging.css.rej any suggestions on what to do?
  • sportrckr
    I'm having the same issue.

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