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Metro Effect Suite (Touchpad)

Added: 09/06/2011
Version: 0.5.1
Category: Abstract
Author: Garrett92C
Downloads: 12,059

Author's Notes

Metro Effect Suite brings a little bit of Metro UI to your TouchPad! Just Type has been completely redone to improve functionality and appearance. The virtual keyboard keys now have a "flat tile" look to them. You'll also notice some nice visual tweaks to the app launcher, statusbar, and system menus. Note: This theme is still a work in progress. It's coming along very nicely though! :)

If you'd like to get in contact with me, you can fine me on Twitter (@Garrett92C).

What's new in v0.5.1?
- New quick-launch background
- New app menu background
- Tiles now wrap to a new line if there are more than five in a row
- Lots of small tweaks to improve formatting and visuals



  • LaunchItems
  • LaunchPointSearch
  • LaunchAndSearch
  • JustType
  • JT-ContentResults
  • HomeView
  • DbSearch
  • ContactSearch
  • Actions
  • Style

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  • reggiecheeks
    obviously a 5* theme but I see you say its early. For now I'll say thank you thank thank you. Great keyboard. Very nice black.
  • RokinDeez
    how would i just get the keyboard theme?
  • jelinbaby24
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