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Kobe Bryant 2

Added: 09/21/2009
Version: 1.0.0
Category: Sports
Author: cjay4046
Downloads: 1,174

Author's Notes

Kobe Byrant Theme. Gotta thank Ivan1ruiz and nights0223. I took alot from them


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  • PreThemer
    the KB logo on the wallpaper is a bit blurry. Maybe you can grab a higher quality version?
  • cjay4046
    I changed the KB Logo but I may have to tinker with the color a little more, Thanks
  • PreThemer
    oh yeah, that's much better. Looking hot man!
  • DraztikRhymez
    Looks good, but i'm not feeling the phone app for some reason. Maybe go with more of the laker purple/blue for the background. Its so bright and the rest of the phone is a darker theme. Good job though looks good so far

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