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Kansas State

Added: 03/09/2010
Version: 1.0.4
Category: Colleges
Downloads: 249

Author's Notes

This is for all the Wildcat Fans out there.

***Channel log***
1.0.3 New Boot Screen
1.0.2 Minor Updates (Updates to the lock screen, New padlock, New wave launcher)
1.0.1 Updated Icons and Phone Application
1.0.0 Release

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  • mrdavis55
    Great Job!!!! This is a great start... I went ahead and gave it 5 stars knowing that you're wanting to improve it...
  • mrdavis55
    I've waited sooooo long for an EMAW nation theme....
  • mrdavis55
    Here's my suggestions....Higher resolution wallpaper... I have some good ones if you're interested... Change more icons... (hopefully Newsroom, Twee, and Facebook...) Just make one icon for all the facebook/news/twitter apps... most people only use one...
  • mrdavis55
    I mean make one FB icon, one twitter icon, and one News icon...
  • mrdavis55
    you should change the phone app too.. you can fill in with elements from other purple/black themes...
    I updated the wallpaper. This week I'll be working on the phone app, and changing more of the icons.

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