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Added: 03/30/2010
Version: 6.1.4
Category: Brands
Author: MJ23945bulls
Downloads: 5,176

Author's Notes

Install the avatar on the left side patch fot the messaging to look right.

7-11 new dock
6-21 few changes to the phone app and launcher
6-15 new drop down menu!!
6-3 new usb mode and media sync pictures
6-2 new loading card glow
5-24 fixed issue with chat balloons and change the answering phone icon
5-12 made changes to the task app
5-11 new icons again a lot of people didn't like the red and i wasn't liking it either.
5-10 new splash screen again.
5-9 changed icons lots of new things in the theme.

4-23 notification icons

(4-21) changed few icons still working on calendar
(4-19)changed the dialer in the phone app

(4-12) Made the Chat balloons brighter change the music player and updated some apps. boot screen got a little elephant skin in it now.
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  • veritas06
    Definitely a great start to a theme!
  • MJ23945bulls
    thanks! I always wanted a jordan brand theme but no one made one lol.
  • cololt
    Your Are Just Jealous That My Theme Have 5 Star And Is Not Even Finish And Your Got 2 LOSER
  • MJ23945bulls
    ohhh yeah im sooo Jealous

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