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I-Pre (Another I-Phone)

Added: 11/12/2009
Version: 1.3.4
Category: Misc
Author: arkieboy
Downloads: 2,704

Author's Notes

Changed a few things around. Hopefully dialer is working correctly.
1.3.1 - Changed another phone file...
1.3.2 - Changed a few more backgrounds-changed active pic background in dialer


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  • soker78
    great theme cant wait for the updates.. the dial pad numbers look blurry and when you click on the dial pad while on a phone call they dont apper
  • doc10house
    I really like this one. A better boot screen'd be great, and an update to the top bar, so the battery status doesn't look funny. Great start.
  • guzjon66
    Hey I was wondering, if you could put the iphone bubbles for messaging and make it a less of a girly color lol.

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