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H.I.M. Stamp

Added: 04/01/2010
Version: 1.2.3
Category: Cultural
Author: anntoniann
Downloads: 192

Author's Notes

A stamp theme of Selassie I. I created this for as one of my own personal themes. If you like it, go for it.

Thanks to itsALLsubliminal for the use of some icons from the Rasta theme...

-changed the backgrouds and scrim for video, you tube, browser
-updated video icon
-changed clock font color
-changed mess airplane icon
-changed mess chat balloons
-changed scrim lock
-updated calculator

-changed lock screen icon
-phone background
-phone text color

-lock screen icon fixed
-few other tweeks

-changed a few things in contacts & email


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  • Syanni85
    Dude, this is freakin Slick. Can't believed i missed it! Stamps are genius! They are thumb size objects that gives themes a nice touch! Too bad i shifted to the Evo.. hopefully HP rocks out some new webOS soon for me to convert back!

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