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Glass Effect Suite

Added: 04/26/2010
Version: 1.1.5
Category: Misc
Author: SqyArc
Downloads: 14,838

Author's Notes

UPDATED: Now Pixi compatible. Improved visuals. Maintained by SqyArc/errade. See also Glass Effect Suite (Alternate) version if you prefer to kick it old school.


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  • ChurchPunk
    Well deserved the 5 stars for the idea istelf. I implemented this in my theme by request a week ago but was missing the menu images. Kuddos to you for finding out this! :)
  • alavigne
    Love the theme!! My only suggestion to make it a complete theme is that when you tap on the message notification icons the old ugly grey splash cards still come up. If you could make the sweet glass cards come up It would be perfect!

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