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Dark Road

Added: 03/20/2010
Version: 2.1.2
Category: Misc
Author: Demlor
Downloads: 775

Author's Notes

*Update 2.1.2*
Changed top bar color text to white.

*Update 2.1.1*
- Removed Lite List Launcher patch due to a few complaints.

*Update 2.1.0*
- Added glass style effect (courtesy of SqyArc with the Glass Effect Suite)throughout the theme.
- Added Lite List Launcher w/first letter capitalized patch. (Picture preview does not show this)
- Deleted the iPhone chat bubbles w/avatar patch.

*Update 2.0.1*
-Changed messaging backround to the stock white.

My first theme.
If you have any questions or things you want me to add or fix, let me know
Any feedback (negative or positive) is appreciated

Thanks, enjoy!

*Update 2.0*
-Fixed all splash screens to match theme
-Fixed the call log in phone app
-Changed photos backround
-Changed the memos backround.
-Changed the calculator little screen backround to match theme.
-Changed the browser to match theme.
-(UPON REQUEST)Added chat balloons(w/avatar) in messaging patch.


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  • MJ23945bulls
    can the wave luncher and the luncher not be clear? Can it be like the stock luncher? Thanks.
  • MJ23945bulls
    maybe you can get rid of the green in the dialer thanks :) here the image to fix the call screen is called "/usr/palm/applications/ l-sprite.png" you have to put it in manually under the files tab.
  • Demlor
    I will change those tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know.
  • MJ23945bulls
  • lanimul
    the lock screen..cant see the lock button. unless thats what u were going for...
  • lanimul
    i like the clear launcher look..
  • Demlor
    @lanimul: Yes, it's supposed to look like that. I like it not visible, makes the lock screen look cleaner. I'll post another version with the stock launcher. It won't be until I update this one though. Make it easier on me that way.
  • robmiller1000
    why is the text so dark in the sms. or i should say in the text i wrote. u cant even see it. otherwise its awesome
  • Demlor
    Let me know how it looks now rob. Just updated it. If it still is dark, try installing the messaging scrim with white font in Preware. That should fix it.
  • Prince_Basil
    I had the Personal Leftside Avatar patch before this theme and it worked great. I uninstalled it because you already had the iphone messaging patch and it doesn't show my avatar. The my-avatar.png picture is in /media/internal/ so I'm not sure what's going on. Are you sure the file directory is /media/internal/ or is it in a folder?
  • Demlor
    My bad Send my-avatar.png here /usr/palm/applications/com.pal
  • Holley2583
    Could i do a remake of this too?
  • Demlor
    Sure, last person didn't ask. But yeah go for it.

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