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Clear Launcher over "My Blue Edit"

Added: 11/06/2009
Version: 1.0.3
Category: Abstract
Author: mracer29
Downloads: 1,021

Author's Notes

This is an edited version of "xtrezpasor" "My Blue Edit- Blue Clock" theme edited for Brett I. I changed the Phone, Messaging, Browser, Quick Launch, Calendar, And the Quick Launch Bar to transparent.This leaves a clean home screen that still has access to these commonly used applications.

This theme includes parts of:
"Original Blue" Theme by nights0233
Beyond by plazau.
Boot Screen is a edited version of the cracked screen with palm and some color added to it.
1.0.3 Update
Added new blue phone app stuff to be 1.3.1 compatible
1.0.1 Changed video and music player to match the photo background.
Added all blue Youtube stuff.

Added "blue" based icons.

Fixed Dialer Pad.

Added Additional "blue" based icons - changed clock to "blue"

If you like my work or I do custom work for you, I have a donate button on Prethemer. Donations always accepted but, never required!!!! Even a dollar helps though.


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