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Blue Iphone

Added: 09/16/2009
Version: 1.0.0
Category: Brands
Author: javi
Downloads: 2,546

Author's Notes

Clear Launcher. Fixed Dialer. And A Few More Things.


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  • javi
    forgot to fix the images on the phone. (dialer)
  • robbskittles
    Javi is that you mang? moto mechanic, Houston?
  • robbskittles
    oops sorry i don't think it's you... like the theme though.
  • javi
    no its not him, but thnks. glad u like the theme.
  • venom376
    hey javi.. is there anyway i can have the background that on the phone dialer please?? thats a hot pic!
  • Ytalian
    I'm having issues in taking your theme off my phone. some of the icons are staying and so is the blue when I touch my phone is there a way you can help me delete it completely off. I like the them a lot but when I need to delete it off I'd like it to come completley off and not leave any icons. Thanks!

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