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"Black & Blue & Clear All Over"

Added: 02/28/2010
Version: 1.8.0
Category: Abstract
Author: ericco
Downloads: 8,318

Author's Notes

A complete theme with a clean black and blue look. Includes clear launch bar background and new icons.

Please donate through Paypal here: (will redirect) if you like this theme.

This theme utilizes the following patches:
Text Messaging White Font
Scrim Email

If messaging does not display properly, make sure those patches are downloaded in Preware.



  • Text Messaging White Font
  • Scrim Email

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  • Prince_Basil
    Is any special patch needed for the theme to look at it's best? I would like to know before I download it and then it doesn't look good. Haha.
  • ericco
    I have now included a couple messaging scrim patches. The messaging font is supposed to be white but was showing up as black. This should fix that. Other than that it's all up to the individual user. I personally also use the "4x4 icons v4 No Arrows Plus More"
  • crissd00d
    Any chance of fixing the ugly green call log drawer? Maybe turn it into a deep blue that matches the theme. It would look alot nicer.
  • nights0223
    Cool icons. I hope none of them were taken from any other BLUE themes without credit given ;)
    Hey bro...awesome theme...However, when I installed it, suddenly I had no background image on the phone app. I tried uninstalling the theme but to no avail. I also tried uninstalling the messaging scrim patch, but it won't uninstall...Any ideas?
  • Alex42590
    does anybody kno why my messaging screen wond look like the screenshot? ive downloaded and installed the patch included it has a white backround instead of black and black font instrad of white i also dont have that "talk" icon???
  • Someone516
    awesome theme, dont like the talk button though =| also i had a wierd issue where i had to get rid of some of my patches to use it...

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