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Banana Music

Added: 10/04/2011
Version: 3.1.4
Category: Food
Author: PhuTheKid
Downloads: 968

Author's Notes


This is a theme based on the popular OS from Apple. Special thanks to superkyol from for the dock. Please untar PDF Viewer App via linux command for optimal results.

*Change Log*
3.1.4:Updated start up icon cards for most apps
Changed some camera icons to reflect photo booth
Fixed background in phone app
3.0: Fixed spacing between chat balloons
Changed most battery icons
Changed top bar color (Thanks to 2sslow for patch)

2.9.5: Fixed dialer during call

2.9.4: Changed some email icons
Cleaned up end call button
Changed boot screen
Changed contact icon in phone app
2.9.3: Included Iphone messaging patch for that "Ichat" look. (patch made by user elryon from precentral) Bubbles made by user virox from precentral forums

2.9.2: Changed dialer background again
*Removed divider in messaging
2.9.1: Changed gray chat balloon back to blue.
2.9: Updated some icons
* Changed blue chat balloon
2.8: Changed phone and messaging app (Again please apply "Personal Avatar Left Side" patch via preware or quick install prior to installing this theme)
* Changed a few icons.
* Changed launcher background
2.5: Changed launcher menu backgroun

* Changed photo app background
* Reverted to stock battery icons
* Changed some notification icons
* Changed some notification bubble icons
* Changed sounds and ringtones icon
* Changed clock and date and time icon

2.0: Changed most stock app icons

* Changed battery icons
* Changed background on some stock apps
* Changed header icons (Ex. open updates check top left)
* Changed some notification icons within app
* Media Sync and USB Drive changed
* Centered phone background
* Skinned calculator app


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