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Animated Back Ground 1.4.5 ONLY

Added: 07/26/2010
Version: 7.3.2
Category: Abstract
Author: warlord
Downloads: 9,781

Author's Notes

patch will let you pick a wallpaper from the "photos" app and set it as the top-bar image. you will have a full screen background. Luna restart or restart phone.



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  • warlord
    Let me know if this works please.
  • Neoka
    I'll install now just to try it out :P
  • jwdesselle
    Testing now!
  • jwdesselle
    Pretty awesome, but text in messages are a little hard to read. Great job so far.
  • warlord
  • mrking
    any reason why i cant fcking updated my themes it keep saying come back and a few minutes and is been almost a month and still the same shit wtf.
  • jwdesselle
    Looks great! The icons in the Top Bar are cool, but confusing. I can't remember what each colored circle is supposed to be. HA HA
  • warlord
    top-bar icons Blue=Blue-tooth Orange=Wifi Green=RSSI (Phone signal) Yellow=Battery Purple=Low battery And w/m= Ringer Mute Red=data(3G 1X EV Roaming)
  • warlord
    If you have any of my animated patches installed, please remove them before installing this theme. I going to ad more animated patches to this theme soon.
  • chago99
    Looks good thanks. one issue tho, the incoming text's in my messaging app are either invisile or black so I cant see them over the black backround. Any Ideas?
  • warlord
    Should be white. It is after I did a doctor with no patches installed so I have no clue sorry
  • chrish421
    have animated back groun patch installed everything looks great exept black on black in mesaging, any way to keep the rest of the animated back grouunds.
  • chrish421
    oh and no clock on lock screen?
  • jurias
    i really like it but messaging is kind of hard to see and the no reception bars or some way of seen if got reception, by my house i don't get much reception and its a hassle.
  • warlord
    Changed Top-Bar Icons
  • warlord
    Added animated gif to topbar
  • warlord
    New patch I made added. Palm-Dark-System-Devices
  • macbranson
    I like the theme, but I don't really care for the way the top bars are set up. In the pic on this page, there is the standard top bar. That's what I would prefer.

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