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Added: 10/05/2009
Version: 1.0.4
Category: Tech
Author: 473x15
Downloads: 9,076

Author's Notes

A theme base on windows xp.
(version 1.0.4)
alot changes ull see

(version 1.0.3)
1.dialpad is been changed

(version 1.0.2)
1. finally i changed the dial pad #'s
2. app.messaging chat view.

(version 1.0.1)
1.Dialpad was changed to windows xp colors.
2.battery is been changed from 3 diferent colors ( red, yellow,n green ) when it gets to red the batt will face to the right hand.
3. few changes on the USB drive with my special linux ping :) also for media sync.
4. also i changed the ev to 4g network :) i love that too, it might be alil b small let me know if you guys want the 4g icon a lil b bigger.
5. also the broken glass when you hit the launcher pretty kool huh.

p.s ill be keeping updating.


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